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Yes, digital business card customization specialists are real people (LOL).

Do you like the idea of working from your computer, from home, while being your own boss?

Our customization specialist are tasked with setting-up and designing digital business cards and other services for our subscribers and business partners.


Customization specialists get free access to our A.I. Agent tools. 

All things being equal, you can accomplish more if you have access to more resources. Think about it.


Maximizing Your Opportunities and Help Clients Make a Lasting Impression in the Digital Age

Some of our customization specialists are focused on passive income, while others are seeking to make an online business full-time. if you have ever dreamed of running your shop but dread the overhead costs, always trying to find new clients and having to handle billing, and most of all having to invest in new creative tools. This may just be the opportunity you have been looking for.

As a customization specialist, you’ll receive a free PiiCard and access to the A.I. Agent pro-level features (BePrepaared) for a small fee. The pro-version enables you to complete more tasks quickly and efficiently. Best of all, the pro features will help you and our subscribers drive tons of new business.



We help you grow your client base and you help us support our digital business card subscribers and affilates.

What are you waiting for?

join us

FreeUp is an affiliate freelance marketplace that connects us with talented freelancers and remote workers from all over the world.

We believe that freelancing is the future of business, and together we’re building the best community for freelancers possible.

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